January 2020 - Postmates

The scene is familiar to all of us; you’ve had a hectic day at work and want to get home and into your comfy clothes, have some dinner and relax for the night. But just the thought of cooking, or even navigating Nashville traffic to pick up take-out, has you feeling even more exhausted. Well, Postmates has you covered! They will bring your favorite meal right to your door from a wide variety of popular, quality Nashville restaurants who don’t otherwise deliver. Need a nice bottle of wine to go with the meal? Postmates will take care of that for you as well. They also bring alcohol and groceries to right to you, so you can head straight home – or stay at home – and chill.

Postmates offers delivery for a small fee on any order, or they offer a subscription plan, Unlimited, for $9.99 per month that waives the delivery fee on every order over $12 all month long. If you’d rather make a quick stop for your meal, you can order and arrange for free pick up from their network of restaurants without going from one website to the next to see what’s available. But Postmates offers more than just convenience. The free Postmates app is also a great way to explore restaurants in your area that you haven’t tried before and maybe haven’t even heard of. Think of it as your first place to go whenever you plan on ordering out.

Postmates seems to have grown exponentially since the company was founded just nine years ago, and now has a presence in 4,200 cities. They can deliver to 80% of the US population!  Thousands of Nashvillians already enjoy the convenience of Postmates’ services, but few know that the company is building a corporate presence here. Postmates is based in San Francisco, California, but Nashville is the site of their national support for Quality and Training, Customer Support, and Sales and Account Management. Postmates already employs hundreds of our fellow Nashvillians and may continue growing their Nashville office.

Postmates joined the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce three years ago when Donna Drehmann, former Vice President (2018-2019) and current board member for the Chamber, came on board. Drehmann is a fierce ally to the LGBT community, dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion in her own workplace and in the Nashville business community. She is the first ally to be nominated to the LGBT Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee. When asked about her motivation to advocate so strongly for LGBT inclusion and equality, Drehmann says: “We should all be able to see couples that look like us, feel safe to bring our authentic selves to work, and be treated as equals regardless of gender, race or orientation. And when that does not happen, I am compelled to take action.”  

Since joining the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Postmates representatives regularly attend our quarterly Pride in Business meetings of our corporate members. These meetings feature roundtable discussions focused on how the Chamber can address issues of Diversity and Inclusion in the Nashville and state-wide business communities. Postmates is also a member of the Tennessee Equality Project (TEP), a coalition of companies in our state standing up against discriminatory practices through advocacy.

The Tennessee legislature and organizations such as the Nashville Tech Council are determined to attract new businesses to Nashville to build our city into a technology hub. So, a major strategy of the Chamber, TEP and other organizations is to convince the Tennessee legislature that in order to compete nationally for top talent, our workplaces and communities need to foster diversity and inclusion of all people. Large companies from outside our state aren’t likely to invest here if our laws don’t reflect their corporate values. Therefore, they need to vote against discriminatory bills such as the “Slate of Hate,” four anti-LGBT bills that would allow discrimination against the LGBT community in Tennessee public schools, public bathrooms, adoption policies, and business practices.

Postmates has also gone above and beyond LGBT advocacy through organizations such as the Chamber and TEP, directly addressing Governor Lee on the issue last year when he went to San Francisco to encourage companies out there to invest more in Nashville. Postmates hosted Lee for a lunch and a meeting with their representatives to address their concerns about the Slate of Hate and the impact these bills might have on their decisions to invest more in Nashville versus other cities outside our state. Drehmann says, “While the meeting was productive and civil, we did not let it pass that we still have work to do on Diversity and Inclusion in the state of Tennessee.”

The Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce has already recognized all the contributions Postmates has made to the Chambers’ objectives. Postmates was a finalist in the 2019 Excellence in Business Awards for Corporate Diversity. Postmates will continue to build on this momentum as they plan to build a Diversity and Inclusion team and establish a Pride ERG. If you are interested in joining the Postmates team, check out Nashville career opportunities at: https://careers.postmates.com/

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and treat yourself while supporting a business that supports us. Download the free app for iOS or Android today and sign up for a 7-day trial of their Unlimited plan. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised at the number of options available to you. With the largest on-demand network in the industry, you can explore our city, find its hidden hotspots, and relax as they bring your new favorites right to your door.

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