ACTION ALERT - Legislative Update As 2019 Session Begins

Advocacy Chamber News Release

It appears that the Chamber and other advocacy partners will have a busy year at the Tennessee General Assembly. This year's legislative bill filing deadline came on Thursday and once again we face a number of anti-LGBT and anti-business bills. 

These include: 

  • Another attempt to force the Attorney General to defend school districts who have anti-trans policies?
  • A bill to disallow cities and counties from penalizing for businesses to discriminate against LGBT individuals
  • A religious freedom bill to all child placement agencies to refuse LGBT individuals wanting to adopt
  • A " Natural Marriage Defense" act

The Chamber will be actively working with our advocacy partners to make sure Tennessee doesn't face the harsh economic backlash that's certain to follow if any of these bills pass.

What can you do? Stay up to date on what is going on and take action when community leaders need you to.
Join the Chamber. Here is a list of all benefits of membership, but you will also receive a Weekly Wrap-Up from me to keep you informed on what we are doing and what you can do.
 Also, make sure you are signed up for 
Tennessee Thrives and TEP Action Alerts. Both organizations will keep you updated and informed as will we, as we move deeper into the legislative session.
 We must stay vigilant in fighting for equality.

Joe Woolley


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