PAST WEBINAR: Communicating Across Cultures

From Culture Shift Team:

Communicating Across Cultures

Tuesday, May 12th
10:30 am - 12 pm CDT

Learn with CST’s Multicultural Communications Leader
Effective communication with multicultural markets begins with decoding the cultural DNA of the target audience. CST’s multicultural communications leader, Marcela Gómez, shares how the firm always starts each project with a data-driven approach, how to identify acculturation levels, and how to develop a meaningful call to action that resonates with its audience.
Here are few takeaways you can expect from the Communicating Across Cultures webinar:
  • The difference between language-driven and culture-driven approaches
  • Translation vs. transcreation
  • Defining in detail your target audience
  • How to identify cultural expectations of your target audience with CST’s Multicultural Lens (TM)
  • How to establish key pillars for your target market based on acculturation level and culture
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