PAST WEBINAR: Effective Use of Advertising in a Post-Pandemic World

From the Nashville Entrepreneur Center:

AdCritter: Effective Use of Advertising in a Post-Pandemic World

Wednesday, March 3rd
11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST


Advertising’s role in growing a local business is as important as it has ever been. Companies, big and small, must rely on advertising to sustain and grow their presence in the market. Learn how to take advantage of powerful advertising technologies to grow your business.


Eric is the co-founder and president of AdCritter, an ad tech company based in Nashville that uses the latest data targeting and tools to deliver exceptional results for advertisers across all digital channels. AdCritter focuses on empowering small and medium sized businesses to grow by leveraging the power of technology to get the right ad in front of the right person.

Eric spent more than 20 years in California’s software industry leading companies and organizations in the roles of CIO and CTO. His training as a software developer and technologist allowed him to serve numerous companies including the RAND Corporation, Los Alamos National Labs, IBM, Chevron, Broadcom, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Microsoft, Transamerica, the Walt Disney Company, Pepsico, Warner Bros, McDonnel Douglas Space Systems, Boeing, Hughes Radar Systems, Rockwell, Applied Materials, SAIC, and automakers such as Nissan and Toyota.

On top of Eric's technical expertise, he is a relentless innovator whose passion is to help fast-paced, growing companies find alignment between technical solutions and the transformative mechanisms they empower.


45-minute Ad Consulting Session with AdCritter’s Eric Busby

One online participant and one in-person participant will be selected to win a free 45-minute ad consulting session with AdCritter’s Eric Busby! He will help you craft a personalized ad campaign strategy for your company, taking into consideration factors such as budget, sustained, advertising vs. seasonal advertising, effective demographic, interest and geo-targeting for your kind of business.

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