PAST WEBINAR: From Ally to Ambassador: What It Takes to Create Internal Ambassadors

From Culture Shift Team:

From Ally to Ambassador:
What It Takes to Create Internal Ambassadors

Thursday, June 18th
10:30 am - 12:00 pm CDT


Learn with CST’s Diversity Equity Inclusion Leader, Robert Lawrence Wilson.

The Inclusion Ambassador Model provides a framework for leaders to drive inclusion in the workplace. This training makes allies and advocates become ambassadors. Individuals and organizations learn about the attitudes and behaviors that create inclusive workplaces and result in higher engagement, retention, and growth.

The purpose of the Inclusion Ambassador Model is to:
> Focus diversity initiatives on key actions that drive top-level objectives
> Activate and empower the existing advocates and allies within the organization
> Establish clear metrics to measure engagement
> Provide a continual development path that allows individuals to focus on their journeys

Benefits include:
> Create synergy between all facets of diversity initiatives
> Option to gamify engagement
> Reward ambassadors, advocates & allies
> Ongoing learning and reflection
> Promote peer learning among ambassadors
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