PAST WEBINAR: Influencer Marketing: What is it + How to Do It

From the Nashville Entrepreneur Center:

Influencer Marketing:
What is it + How to Do It

Tuesday, February 9th
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CST


We all have an idea of what Influencer Marketing is all about. Influencer marketing has been known to get the reputation to be all "smoke and mirrors", vanity metrics, and lacking real results.

In my workshop, I will dispel the common myths about influencer marketing and why partnering with micro Influencers is crucial to build your B2C brand’s credibility, to reach untapped audiences, and ultimately increase your sales. We will discuss these points below.

What is Influencer marketing? Why the hype?

Is Influencer marketing right for you?

How to find the "right" influencers to promote your brand for real results

How much should you pay an influencer?

Tools to use and metrics to pay attention to determine if the Influencer will bring you B.S. OR real results

Tactics to increase your brand's own social media presence, following, and audience engagement

Why Influencer Marketing + Paid Media is a must for sales conversions and how to put it into action


Adelaide Freeman is the Founder of Twillo Brand Influencer, an Influencer marketing agency here in Nashville. We partner companies with the performance based micro Influencers to promote the product/service to their own niche social media audience. We are a data driven, performance based agency. Our clients walk away with increased brand exposure, increased quality traffic sent to their website, and lift in sales.

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