PAST WEBINAR: Multicultural Lens for Developing Cultural Agility

From Culture Shift Team:

Multicultural Lens for Developing Cultural Agility

Thursday, May 21st
11:00 am - 12:30 pm CDT


A key to connecting with new audiences and approaching new opportunities is cultural agility, or the ability to code switch. Though culture is critical, it is often ignored because we simply cannot see it. This webinar features CST’s tool the Multicultural Lens (MCL), which offers a simple framework for seeing culture and understanding the power of this invisible force with its hidden rules.

In this webinar, CST partner and creator of the MCL will share how to use the tool to understand cultural expectations. Teams and organizations that can skill up in agility have better odds of success achieving goals and objectives.

Here are a few take-aways you can expect from the Multicultural LensTM webinar:
> Determine the cultural expectation set points of self, team, organization and customers
> Identify meaningful gaps, or tensions, between differing cultural expectations
> Learn from real-world case studies and scenarios
> Discuss applications for organizational culture
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