PAST WEBINAR: Predictable Pipeline: How to Effectively Build Your Sales Stack, Processes

From the Nashville Entrepreneur Center:

Predictable Pipeline:
How to Effectively Build Your Sales Stack, Processes

Wednesday, May 5, 2021
12 pm - 1:30 pm CT

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About this Event

Join the EC and ScaleUp for "PREDICTABLE PIPELINE: How to effectively build your sales stack, processes and prospecting strategy"

Course Description

Having discussed the positive and negative impacts of failing to track your key metrics, you will learn how to create an infrastructure (process, tools, messaging) that will allow your sales team to be most effective. Each of your product features will be quantified by its direct (or indirect) impact to the customer and we will discuss how your messaging needs to be adjusted to align with the most impactful features.

We will define your prospecting and qualification and sales processes, from the customer’s perspective. This is fundamental to a consistent and accurate forecast. The confusion about what your sales stack should be will be reduced by answering ~12 questions about your product and growth plans that will result in a recommended sales stack. We will also review how to define your market segments by your “dependent” variables and how to scientifically test your market segments so that you can communicate to investors how you are optimizing your sales velocities (and their capital investments).

We will discuss the actionable steps you need to take to support each of these goals in the context of a project timeline.


Defined qualification and sales process

Clarity on what your sales stack should be

A plan to scientifically prove the strength of your dependent variables (e.g., market segments)

Who Is This For

Those between 12 and 18-months away from raising your A-round and not yet in the process of hiring the sales team.


Douglas Johnson is the Managing Director of ScaleUp and CEO of CoPilot. ScaleUp builds sales development and revenue operations functions for early-stage tech companies and has supported 100s of companies in the process. The firm incubated a software product (CoPilot) to help early-stage founders and their sales teams identify where each individual is getting stuck in their sales process and bridge the performance gap with simplistic training.

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