UPCOMING: Supporting Gender Identity and Expression

We are excited to announce…

Supporting Gender Identity and Expression has just been released as an online self-paced interactive program. Longtime LGBT chamber member Diversity Builder, Inc. developed the new program to support workplaces better understand gender identity and expression and build affirming practices.


This class is available to employers, diversity councils, non-profit organizations, and individuals who want to learn more about gender.


Discounts are available to all Nashville LGBT Chamber members.


Request a demo of the program or call 615-823-1717


*Onsite and live webinar options for LGBTQIA+ training are also available.



Online Course: Supporting Gender Identity and Expression


This course provides learners with a greater awareness of the complexities of gender identity and expression. Learners will gain knowledge to elevate skills in using inclusive gender practices to build and sustain a culture of inclusion within the organization. The course will provide practical knowledge of gender of key terms including non-binary and transgender, the difference between sex and gender, stereotypes, the impacts of gender-based microaggressions, the fluidity of gender, and the gender binary. It equips learners with actionable gender inclusion strategies in the areas of language, communication, pronoun use, and behavior. Learners will view video scenarios on gender identity, expression, and sexuality and answer follow-up questions in a case study format for practical application. This course shares personal workplace stories and experiences from a transgender/non-binary and Latinx LGBTQIA+ employee using video narration. The online program utilizes the latest technological advances for engagement including case studies with questions and answers, personal storytelling, quizzes, and expanded learning opportunities.


Course Learning Objectives


  • Understand the importance of gender identity and expression with regard to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Identify gender stereotypes and microaggressions
  • Know key terms related to gender identity and expression
  • Comprehend the fluidity of gender
  • Distinguish the importance of inclusive communication, language, and pronoun usage
  • Understand best practices in sharing and using pronouns
  • Have increased awareness about binary and non-binary gender identities
  • Identify affirming best practices employees, managers, and leaders can take to be inclusive of all gender identities and expressions at work
  • Know what being an ally means and gender allyship steps to consider
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