Weekly Wrap-Up: February 11, 2022



The Weekly

Wrap Up

February 11, 2022

What the Chamber worked on this week and what you need to know.

CEO Brief

Check out our ADVOCATE section below. We have a report on the bills we will be engaging on during this legislative session. We will need businesses to again speak out and state that discrimination is bad for business and that inclusion makes Tennessee better. See more below on what we are facing this year.


We have two great events coming up, both celebrating Black History Month. The first is our February Brewing Up Business next week, where we will be at a new Black-owned and allied member, diVine House. Then we are looking forward to bringing you author Andrew Marris to discuss his book “Singled Out” at our member Margaritaville Hotel to discuss the first openly gay Major League Baseball player, who was also Black, Glenn Burke. Thank you to our member Music City Baseball/Nashville Stars for sponsoring this opportunity and check out their open house opportunity next week


We participated in the Tennessee Business Leaders dinner on Wednesday night presented by Randy Boyd and the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Inclusion in business and in Tennessee was a topic we discussed in-depth, as well as the economic forecast and how businesses are feeling in the state. That was followed up on Thursday with an Area Chamber Partnership 2030 meeting where we heard from the Federal Reserve on the issue of inflation and the new numbers released that morning. Economic concerns seem to be on everyone's mind and potential rough water ahead. 


Three years ago today Nashville became the first city in the South and the 13 in the nation to recognize certified LGBT Business Enterprises in city procurement. That milestone was years in the making and we have continued to work hard to make sure there are plenty of additional opportunities for our LGBTBEs. We are excited for some major announcements and opportunities around this work in the near future and we thank all those that helped make this event happen. 





There were several bills filed and several more from the last session that are still out there that are discriminatory to the LGBTQ+ community. Our partners at the Tennessee Equality Project have a complete bill list of all bills that are or could be anti-LGBTQ+ and action campaigns on them.


The Chamber has identified 4 priority bills that we will focus the business community on stopping. All bills that discriminate are bad for business and make Tennessee a less desirable place to live and work. The 4 identified below are the ones that will significantly harm businesses' ability to attract and retain the talent they need, and make LGBTQ+ people and parents of LGBTQ+ youth feel harassed, excluded, and marginalized. 


Our target bills- 


“Youth Healthcare Ban”

SB2696/HB2835 by Sen. Bowling and Rep. Ragan

As introduced, enacts the “Youth Health Protection Act.” 

Don't let the short summary deceive you. This is one of the most far-reaching attacks on gender-affirming health care for trans and non-binary youth in the country. This bill is an exported bill from the Heritage Foundation and is also up in 3 other states. This is the updated version of the Tran Healthcare ban SB657/HB578 that was pushed last year and is still active.  


“Anti-Trans Athlete Enforcement Fine”

SB1861/HB1895 by Sen. Hensley and Rep. Ragan

As introduced, requires the commissioner of education to withhold a portion of the state education finance funds that an LEA is otherwise eligible to receive if the LEA fails or refuses to determine a student's gender, for purposes of participation in school sports, by the student's sex at the time of birth; exempts an LEA that fails or refuses to determine a student's gender, for purposes of participation in school sports, by the student's sex at the time of birth if the LEA's failure or refusal to do so is required by a court or other legally binding order.

This bill is specifically targeting Metro Public Schools who stated they would not enforce the Anti-Trans Student-Athlete law passed last year. This is a fine on any school system that does so. 


“Anti-Trans Athletes in Higher-Ed Ban”

SB2153/HB2316 by Sen. Hensley and Rep. Ragan

As introduced, prohibits males from participating in public higher education sports that are designated for females; creates a cause of action for violations that deprive a student of an athletic opportunity or that cause direct or indirect harm to a student at the middle school, high school, or postsecondary level. 

This is an anti-trans athlete bill targeting public colleges and universities. This is another attack on transgender youth and now adults. 


“Anti-Pronoun in Schools Bill”

SB2777/HB2633 by Sen. Bell and Rep. Cochran

As introduced, specifies that a teacher or other employee of a public school or LEA is not required to refer to a student using the student's preferred pronoun if the pronoun does not align with the student's biological sex; insulates a teacher or other employee of a public school or LEA from civil liability and adverse employment action for referring to a student using the pronoun aligned with the student's biological sex instead of the student's preferred pronoun.

This bill allows teachers to not have to use a student's preferred pronouns. This goes against an inclusive and safe educational setting for LGBTQ+ and allied students to be identified with the pronouns they prefer and stops the mutual respect that using and identifying pronouns allows. 


Those are the 4 major bills but there are also numerous curriculum/education bills that have been filed and do or could discriminate against LGBT people. Again, TEP has these listed here and we will continue to monitor them. 



The BIG SCORE Ecommerce Training

Now more than ever before, your current and potential customers are searching online for products and services. With an estimated 17 million new businesses starting in 2022 alone, it’s time to make sure that these customers are finding you! Join SCORE Nashville for The BIG SCORE Ecommerce Training event on Thursday, February 17th. Learn more and register here.


Classroom Connect - Grow with Google

Our education series is back for 2022 and this year we will be highlighting curriculum from Grow With Google. In our first installment, Make Your Website Work for You, learners will discover how to create a search-friendly website that drives user action and supports their goals. Our member Tolbert Marketing and Events will facilitate this program on Thursday, February 24th at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.


HRC CEI: Getting to 100

Join fellow ERG leaders on Wednesday, April 13th for a small group session to share tips and walk through the application process for the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index. This session aims to help first-time applicants or companies below 100 reach that top score. In this session, ERG leaders across the country will share insights gained, challenges experienced, and top tips for reaching 100. Register now!



Upcoming Chamber Events

Are you ready to network... in person!? Join us next Thursday, February 17th for PM Brewing Up Business co-hosted by díVine House, a black-owned business and one of our newest members! A cash bar will be available, but the first 40 attendees will receive a complimentary drink. Wine and appetizers will be half off during this event!


Network Connect February Registration

In celebration of Black History Month, the Nashville LGBT Chamber and Music City Baseball are pleased to bring you a discussion with New York Times bestselling author Andrew Maraniss on his new book Singled Out: The True Story of Glenn Burke, on Wednesday, February 23rd at 6 pm CT at the Margaritaville Hotel.


Join Bryan Ruby as he interviews Andrew about the book and Glenn Burke. Books will be available for purchase and the author will be signing books after the discussion. A reception will take place during the book signing and after the program. Learn more about the book with this video from Andrew Maraniss and buy the book and read it before the event.


In-person attendance will be capped at 60 people so make sure to register now to save your spot!


The Nashville Stars are also hosting an Open House on Thursday, February 17th to kick off our new office space. There will be a food truck grilling hot dogs & hamburgers, ballpark style!
This is a come as you can event, between 3:30 - 6:30 PM.

Click Here to RSVP


Upcoming Member Events

The Prom at TPAC

Feb. 22 - 27

Community Health Fair

Saturday, April 30







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