Weekly Wrap-Up: January 22, 2021


January 22, 2021


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CEO Brief

The Board of Directors and the staff of the Nashville LGBT Chamber will be starting our two-day, virtual, planning retreat Friday evening and Saturday. We are looking forward to planning the growth and direction of the Chamber this year and beyond. After a year like no other, we are in a strong position to continue to serve our members, the LGBTQ+ community, and Nashville. This is YOUR chamber, we are nothing without you the member. Please let us know any time if there is something we should be doing and focused on. We will all work hard to guide the organization forward and serve as many as possible. 

We are ending another historic week in this country. The peaceful transfer of power occurred on Wednesday with the Inauguration of President Joe Biden. There is so much to say about the day but will just list my highlights: Michelle Obama, Gaga, J Lo, poet Amanda Gorman, Kamla making history, Joe bringing us together and standing tough against those against the constitution, a return to normalcy. Oh, and then the day after the Bernie meme, literally everywhere. The woman small-business owner that made him the mittens is now famous and hopefully making a fortune making everyone else mittens (small biz connection)! I heard many say they slept so well on Wednesday night and it does seem like we are all calmer. Here is to more of that. 

I hope that we will come together after this. I hope truth returns to our debate and we agree on facts. I urge everyone to remember that half of people are scared and upset as the other half was 4 years ago. I hope we will try hard to reach out and talk with those that don’t believe as we do, to remember that extremes on either side are destructive and don’t get us anywhere, and to listen more and discuss civilly our differences. That is what we do here at the Chamber and what I hope we can move to as a country. 

It was great to talk about this and many other things on Thursday with members at Brewing Up Business. If you are not joining us then you are missing out! And Sunday it was wonderful to be out in public, safely, at Diskin Cider to accept a generous donation from one of our favorite members! I talked about how great they have handled COVID safety restrictions and are doing it right. It made me miss people so much, I am ready to get to really see people. We will get there, it will happen, and you all better be ready for a hug. 


Coronavirus Response

The mutated strain of the Coronavirus was identified in Tennessee this week, this could worsen the spread. There are not enough vaccines and that is limiting the distribution and the number inoculated. While we have strong clear leadership from the national government now, it does not mean we are out of the woods in any way. We passed over 400,000 dead in the US this week and marked the second-highest day of deaths. KEEP physically distancing and wearing your mask! Everyone has pandemic fatigue but we have to keep doing our part. 

The Payroll Protection Program round 2 (PPP2) has now opened and is available. Businesses should act quickly to apply and lock in their funding. Our member Brennan McNell with US Bank, has generously offered to talk with and assist any Chamber member who might have questions. He can be emailed at - brennan.mcnell@usbank.com

There are several other COVID assistance programs that we have added to our Coronavirus Resource Page. Make sure to check them out and take advantage of them.


Our member TN Event Designs has shifted gears. They now offer contact tracing and temperature screening, allowing access to a process that best protects anyone within your facility and provides the safest experience for your event. You can learn more here.


Legislative Update

There is some movement on anti-LGBT bills being filed and talked about in the legislative session. We are working closely with our partners: TEP, ACLU, HRC, Freedom For All Americans, GLSN, and PFLAG, to track all bills that are and could potentially be harmful. We are also updating and planning the business response to these bills with our TN Thrives coalition partners. We will keep you updated. 


Nationally - Biden calls for LGBTQ protections in first-day executive orderOn his first day in office, President Biden issued a sweeping executive order making it clear that gay and transgender people are protected against discrimination in schools, health care, the workplace and other realms of American life.


The executive order outlines a broad interpretation of last year’s landmark Supreme Court ruling that gay and transgender employees are covered by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination “because of sex.” The Trump administration had interpreted that decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, Ga., narrowly and only applied to employment.


Biden’s order calls on agencies across the federal government to review existing regulations and policies that prohibit sex discrimination and to revise them as necessary to clarify that “sex” includes sexual orientation and gender identity.


You can read more about this executive order and the impact. Also, check out this Fact Check on what the order does not do, it is already being spun. Locally this will help shield anti-LGBT legislation effects that could come from the Tennessee Legislature. If the laws that would be passed here are unenforceable and illegal, then it helps make the case that they should not even be heard let alone passed, bringing economic and fiscal impacts on the state when we are already suffering from the recession and COVID impact. 


Please join us in welcoming the following businesses that JOINED our Chamber this week:

We are so proud of the continued participation from the following businesses who RENEWED or upgraded their membership this week. Please support these businesses!

What We Did


Thank you to everyone who joined our PM Brewing Up Business on Thursday. What a crowd! Hopefully, we will be able to offer in-person events soon. Until then, we have plenty of virtual opportunities to keep you informed and connected. Catch up on program announcements and join us soon!



Our member Out & About Nashville featured a Chamber Membership Update in their latest issue. We reflect on 2020 and look forward to growing as a Chamber and community in 2021.  

Our member and community partner Diskin Cider presented our Foundation a generous check from the summer sales of Daydream Prickly Pear Cider at a fantastic (and safe) drag brunch. Their support helps to fulfill our mission to educate, inspire, and empower LGBT business owners and entrepreneurs.


Thank you Diskin!




Nashville Black Pride is joining up with OutSpoken to broadcast a podcast on Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 7pm for National Black History Month. Join Facebook Live for "The Non-Profits and Advocates Behind the Flow". This project is looking for LGBTQ Businesses to send a commercial/video to advertise your business and speakers, poets, and politicians to join the conversation. Reach out to Mac Huffington to get involved!


Nashville Pride is seeking its inaugural Executive Director who share the vision and mission of their organization and can help create organizational structure while maintaining the responsibility for the financial and operational stability and programmatic success of the organization. Are you looking for employment? Do you know someone perfect for the job? Apply for this position here.


Our member Tribe/Play announced securing a long-term location on Church Street and an exciting renovation. THIS Sunday, January 17th, will be the last day the "old" Tribe is open for a while. They are open Wednesday-Sunday, 5-11 pm. Learn more here.


One of our newest members Shakti Power Yoga has an incredible opportunity for the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community. Find information about their Virtual Yoga Teacher Tranining Progam and scholarship opportunities here.


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