An article around the mayoral election that I was quoted in came out this week.

The Nashville LGBT Chamber will not endorse in the Mayor's race for Nashville. We will be ready to continue our work with Metro/Nashville with whoever wins on September 12th.

We have achieved major advancements working with the Mayors Office and Metro Council. Nashville has seen unprecedented growth, as has the Chamber, and we will continue to make sure both keep happening.

We are actively talking with both candidates and it is important to talk about the policies of  Mayor David Briley 's office and the views of  John Cooper for Nashville  around our work.

'The biggest initiatives we've gotten done have come from this mayor,' Woolley said. '(Cooper) said the mayor's office and government should be concerned with land use and taxation. He didn't really see an area for social issues. That concerns me a great deal. Social issues do have a place in government.'

We will continue to talk with  John Cooper for Nashville  on the policies that we have advocated for, we have had further conversations since this article was written and appreciate that he sees the importance of these policies in the Mayors Office.